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Bi Sexual Costa Calida Swingers

Swingers are by nature a very open minded group of people, and have always been more accepting of people who are a bit different.

Bi sexuality in the swinging scene is a good example of this, as bi-sexuals have always been accepted and catered for.

Many Costa Calida Swingers have had to be very careful about addressing their sexuality due to various rules applied by military and police forces. As society becomes more open, people are more accepting and homosexuality and bisexuality are becoming less of a problem in the workplace.

Female bi-sexuality is pretty much universal, with more than 75% of females ( and the female halves of) couples advertising on the internet claiming to be either bi or bi curious.

Male bi-sexuality is not so wide spread, with less than 50% of males claiming to be bi or bi curious, although this number is on the increase, and clubs are starting to cater for this trend by holding bi nights, where most if not all of the attendees are bi sexual.

Our personal observations in parties we have attended and arranged (we have run over 300 swingers parties) is that northern men are more likely to be honest about their sexuality. Men in Latino countries tend to deny being bi, but we have seen more bi activity in swingers parties in Spain, Italy and California than in NY, UK, Netherlands or Germany.

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